Basic art education

Basic art education is extracurricular education in arts for children and young people. It is goal-oriented, progressing from one level to other. Basic art education teaches children skills in self-expression and capabilities needed for vocational, polytechnic and university education in their chosen art form. The education is given according to the general and extended syllabi.

In Espoo, basic art education is given in architecture, pictorial art, crafts, music, dance and performing arts (circus and theatre). Learn more about basic art education from the website of each school.

ARCHITECTURE (extended syllabus):

CIRCUS (extended syllabus):

THEATRE (extended syllabus):

CRAFTS (extended syllabus)

PICTORIAL ARTS (extended syllabus):

PICTORIAL ARTS (general syllabus):

MUSIC (extended syllabus):

MUSIC (general syllabus)):

DANCE (extended syllabus):

DANCE (general syllabus):