About the site

This website is a key communication channel for the City of Espoo. The www.espoo.fi site provides the residents of Espoo an opportunity to influence matters and conduct transactions with the city. Espoo serves also in social media.

Using the service

You can search for information from the service by browsing the tabs concerning particular services or by using the free word search. Each page provides access to the search function. The breadcrumb trail that appears across the top of the page shows your location on the website. The page map on the bottom of the page displays the structure of the entire service.

Each page also provides access to the service in Swedish and in English: if there is another language version of the page in question, you can access it from the top of the page. The links FI/SV/EN at the top of the page redirect you to the main pages of the section in question.

Technical features

Espoo.fi is responsive/device-independent i.e. the content of the website is scaled to various device sizes varying from large desktop displays to tiny mobile phone screens.

The espoo.fi site can be used with the most common browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari. We recommend using the latest published versions of Internet browsers for both mobile and desktop devices.

User identification, collected data and cookies

The City of Espoo ensures that the data security of citizens is maintained as they use the site.

Do not include delicate or personal information, such as personal identity codes, bank account numbers or information about assets or health, in an unencrypted e-mail message.

The City of Espoo privacy policies in accordance with the Personal Data Act have been gathered into the E-services section. Those responsible for each transaction service are also in charge of the validity and updates of their own privacy policies. The Espoo website requests for your personal identity code when, for instance, you are enrolling on a course at the Adult Education Centre, but this information is sent via a secure connection (SSL). Otherwise, no personal information is collected from the visitors to the website, and none should be included in e.g. the feedback form.

The visitor volumes and ways that the site is used are monitored through statistics. The website uses cookies to analyse its usage. Cookies are data packages that are saved on your computer’s hard drive or browser. Cookies typically enable the collection of certain information about your computer, such as your IP-address, the operating system of your computer, your browser type and the addresses of the sites that you access. If you do not wish to receive cookies or you want to be notified when cookies are about to be sent to your computer, you can edit these settings on your web browser if your browser enables it.

Keep up with the help of RSS feeds

The site espoo.fi you can subscribe to RSS feeds on news, events, projects or blog posts that interest you. With the help of RSS feeds you will get all new material posted on espoo.fi without having to look for it on the site.

You can subscribe to feeds to your email or read them with your browser. The program you use will give you detailed instructions (e.g. Using RSS feeds in Internet Explorer).

Click on the RSS icons on espoo.fi to subscribe to feeds. When it comes to RSS feeds for news and events the content can vary depending on where you ordered it. For example, subscribed to a news feed from the front page, you get different information than if you subscribed to a news feed from the sports page.

External links to other websites

This site contains links to other websites. Please note that the City of Espoo is not responsible for the data security policies or contents of such websites.


The City of Espoo holds the rights to the material in the www.espoo.fi service, unless otherwise stated. Links to the contents of the website can be freely used as long as the link opens the entire site.

Press releases, news and other material that is meant to be public are free for publication. It is recommended that the source is mentioned when publishing such material.

The City of Espoo pages also contain links to other websites. The City of Espoo is not responsible for the contents or accessibility of the services of external service providers, nor the validity of information or ownerships and copyrights.

Responsibility issues

The aim of this website is to provide reliable, current information about city activities. The information on the site is kept as up-to-date and as accurate as possible.

The City of Espoo is not responsible for any direct or indirect damage, costs or disadvantages caused by the provided website (e.g. incorrect information) or by technical problems on the website.


If you want to give feedback about the contents of a particular page, click on the feedback link on the page in question.