The accelerated co-creation by schools and companies - KYKY - is an operating model that provides guidelines for co-creation by schools and companies in accordance with the new Finnish National Curriculum. Co-creation benefits all parties involved - schools, companies and communities.
The City of Espoo will open the Service Centre to bring together a variety of services in the extension of the Iso Omena Shopping Centre on 11 August 2016.




  • The national film education project IhmeFilmi is directed at young people in upper comprehensive school and upper secondary school.
  • Plutonium 74
    2016-10-26 19:00
    The popular Helsinki-based live band Plutonium 74 will release their third album later this year. The album’s first single ‘Aleksis Kiven kadulla’ was Radio Helsinki’s most played song in March.
  • Ashton Lane & Vicki Genfan
    2016-10-27 19:00
    Fresh, self-assured and original - Ashton's music just makes you happy to be alive. What a great new talent.
  • Fortrolige samtaler (Private Confessions) is a story about love, fidelity, freedom and courage. Performances at the Espoo Cultural Centre, Oct 27–29.