The City of Espoo is to take the expertise of Finnish companies to China via its sister city of Shanghai. A delegation headed by Mayor Jukka Mäkelä will visit Shanghai on 26-30 November 2014, accompanied by representatives from companies in the health and wellbeing, education and learning technology, ICT, cleantech and tourism sectors. Companies participating in the visit include Rovio, Outotec, Santa Claus Foundation, Active Life Village Oy and the start-up cluster HealthSPA.
You can see, hear and feel culture in Espoo: unique art experiences at museums or shopping centres, emotional experiences at a theatre or a pleasant atmosphere at a concert. Espoo also offers international festivals and visiting top performers on various stages.


  • Puolarmetsä Health Centre is now Oma Lääkärisi Puolarmetsä. The new rnumber fot appointment booking and information is 09 855 4100. The client fees remain unchanged.
  • The appointment booking and information telephone number of Puolarmetsä Health Centre will serve you normally on Thursday and Friday 23–24 October, tel. 09 816 42410. Urgent cases will be redirected to Matinkylä Health Centre. If you need a vaccination, you can come to the vaccination surgery at Matinkylä Health Centre on Tuesday 21 October 8–9:30am


  • Plutonium 74
    2014-11-26 19:00
    Plutonium 74 will release a new album in autumn 2014 and perform at the Sello Hall in November. This Helsinki-based rhythm music group’s special show features a wide variety of songs from their new album and throughout their career.
  • Pippuridino, premiering in the autumn of 2014, is a comedy for all ages. The protagonists of the story include two cooks, their mouthy hen and a peculiar and truly one-of-a-kind guest.

    Prepare yourself for a fun, exciting and heart-warming story about friendship and prejudice – cheerful songs, lovable characters and breath-taking chases.