The content of the revamped website is now scaled to various device sizes varying from large desktop displays to tiny mobile phone screens. At the same time, the websites of the Espoo City Museum and the Länsi-Uusimaa Rescue Department were also made more responsive.
With delicate brush strokes, Espoo-based painter Kimmo Lahtinen has captured the nature of the archipelago. The paintings exude an atmosphere of peace and quiet in a magnificent natural setting.


  • Telephone Health Service at 09 10023 is available until 30 December at 10 am. After that you get health advice at your health centre, neuvola and dental clinic. On weekends and evenings you get counselling about seeking help at the emergency duty service on tel. 09 87 10023.
  • An amendment of the Basic Education Act will come into effect in the 1st of January 2015. All children must attend to one year of pre-school or other activity accomplishing the objectives of pre-primary education before their school begins.