Schools and health centres, parks and museums – but the city also provides many other less well known services. The latest Espoo magazine describes the many forms of city services. What is on offer?
The cities of Espoo, Helsinki, Vantaa, Tampere, Turku and Oulu want to set an example in climate action to the rest of the world. The Mayors’ Climate Network, a network of the six largest cities of Finland, has decided on closer collaboration and to join international climate networks. The decision was made as the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris approaches.




  • Moments of Finnish Jazz
    2015-11-29 15:00
    Annimaria Rinne, vocals
    Petri Krzywacki, guitar and vocals
    Laura Airola, violin, mandolin and vocals
    Matti Tegelman, double bass and vocals

    Work by Finnish jazz musicians.
  • Räppinokkio
    2015-12-01 10:15
    Räppinokkio (Rap Pinocchio) is a rap-flavoured solo performance that retells the old story of Pinocchio.
  • Sello Hall will host the enchanting day dances again this autumn! The dance orchestras of the Pop & Jazz Conservatory will get your toes tapping.
  • Juha Hurme’s funny – and serious – play focuses on freedom of speech, its central character being Jaakko Juteini, linguist and philosopher, who was influential in the early 19th century. Starring: Antti Laukkarinen, Tanjalotta Räikkä, Kaisa Sarkkinen and Piia Soikkeli.

    Espoo Cultural Centre, Louhi Hall