Liisa Polameri has captured wonderful details from nature in her photos. Using simplified colours, Polameri creates impressive art from sensitive nature. Exhibition in Nature House Villa Elfvik from 19 October to 8 December 2016.
The accelerated co-creation by schools and companies - KYKY - is an operating model that provides guidelines for co-creation by schools and companies in accordance with the new Finnish National Curriculum. Co-creation benefits all parties involved - schools, companies and communities.




  • The exhibition by Lauri Eriksson ponders the basis of a good life: the concept of residence and home. In the exhibition Eriksson introduces 22 men who have been homeless for a long time. The exhibition is open in the gallery of the Espoo Cultural Centre: Oct 25 – Nov 6.
  • Mutaveijarit
    2016-10-25 10:15
    Mutaveijarit is a fresh and funny children’s music group that came together on a children’s music course at the Sibelius Academy in 2013. Their first album ‘Ympäri ämpäri!’ was released in April 2016.
  • The national film education project IhmeFilmi is directed at young people in upper comprehensive school and upper secondary school.
  • Plutonium 74
    2016-10-26 19:00
    The popular Helsinki-based live band Plutonium 74 will release their third album later this year. The album’s first single ‘Aleksis Kiven kadulla’ was Radio Helsinki’s most played song in March.