The City of Espoo continues its network cooperation with companies facing changes. On the city’s initiative, key operators offering training and career planning services have joined forces to support the career plans of those facing redundancy at the Microsoft office in Espoo’s Keilaniemi district. Microsoft announced its plan to give notice to 1,050 employees in Finland in August 2014.
At the autumn 2014 Art Tickling Festival, you can celebrate in truly distinguished company! The stars of the festival will be kings, queens, princesses and knights, from both the world of fairy tales and history.




  • Come and ride a hobby horse on the medieval King’s Road! Along the way, you can solve mysteries related to the King’s Road and perform various tasks.

    Espoo Cultural Centre, Lobby
  • Singers Ira Kaspi and Reetta Ristimäki and pianist Eliina Mäkiranta have put together a musical night of radio hits from 1944.

    2014 marks the anniversary of the end of the Winter War, the liberation of Paris and the invasion of Normandy. The war that touched all Europeans had many faces. The show goes back to war-time atmosphere on the home front by the means of music, newspaper clippings and letters, among other things. The script has been written by Reetta Ristimäki.