The City of Espoo has awarded the design of the user experience at the Otaniemi metro station to a team of students on the PdP course at Aalto University. The aim is to give people using the Aalto University station at Otaniemi an innovative and exhilarating experience. The team of students on the Product Development Project (PdP) comprises 11 students from different sectors, representing eight nationalities and four continents.
Me & MyCity, which will begin operation in early November, will be located at the Nokia campus in Karaportti. The City of Espoo is Nokia’s business partner in the development of the Karaportti campus area. Nokia will also bring a micro business of its own to Me & MyCity in Espoo. Me & MyCity is a learning environment for sixth-grade students built as a small city.


  • Puolarmetsä Health Centre will become Oma Lääkärisi Puolarmetsä on Monday 27 October. The appointment booking and information number will change on the 27th October at 8 am. The new number is 09 855 4100. The client fees remain unchanged.
  • The appointment booking and information telephone number of Puolarmetsä Health Centre will serve you normally on Thursday and Friday 23–24 October, tel. 09 816 42410. Urgent cases will be redirected to Matinkylä Health Centre. If you need a vaccination, you can come to the vaccination surgery at Matinkylä Health Centre on Tuesday 21 October 8–9:30am