The latest issue of the Espoo Magazine takes a look at what is growing at the Espoo Innovation Garden.

The Magazine tells stories of entrepreneurship and innovations - enthusiasm about learning and starting a business.
The City of Espoo is taking an important step in developing its services in an innovative way. Espoo is exploring the possibilities that digitalisation could bring to its service production. The aim is to increase the services' productivity and efficiency and help customers in their everyday tasks. The project will start in collaboration with users of the services; their ideas will be collected through the process of crowdsourcing.


  • Adolescents finishing their comprehensive school participate in joint applications for upper secondary schools and vocational education and training. The application period is February 24 – March 17, 2015.
  • Did you know that business advisors at EnterpriseEspoo (YritysEspoo) offer services for established companies and entrepreneurs? They assist you in renewing your business model, financial questions, growth, internationalization, marketing, change in ownership and challenging situations. Advice is also given to growth companies. You can use the services of our extensive network of professionals.


  • Jussi rabbit is going to bed. Under the covers, Jussi gets all kinds of ideas about bogeymen, and he is also scared of the dark. Over the course of the evening, Jussi gets to know little Bogeyman and together they go to meet Mr Dark. Jussi discovers that there is no need to be afraid of the Dark.

    This is a story about conquering fears, friendship and sleep socks. The performance is based on Nina Haikko’s book by the same title.
  • The hugely popular day dances will continue in the spring from February onwards in the Sello Hall foyer on the first Tuesday of each month. The dance orchestras of the Pop & Jazz Conservatory will get your toes tapping.