During migration, several bird species that nest in the Barents region rest and feed in the Laajalahti wetlands in Espoo ­ ̶ waders, hawks and geese. The photography exhibition will take you to the threatened habitats of these species and illustrates the beauty of the North’s valuable nature.
The accelerated co-creation by schools and companies - KYKY - is an operating model that provides guidelines for co-creation by schools and companies in accordance with the new Finnish National Curriculum. Co-creation benefits all parties involved - schools, companies and communities.


  • Two robot buses without drivers started their trial runs in Otaniemi, Espoo. After the route has been set up, the buses will operate on a course that runs between Betonimiehenkuja, Lämpömiehenkuja and Metallimiehenkuja. Welcome aboard, free of charge! The maximum capacity in the bus is 9 persons.
  • A wide range of representatives from cities, municipalities and municipal organizations as well as educational experts come together in Espoo 22 – 23 September 2016. The intention of the event is to work on ideas on how lifelong learning can create competitiveness, wellbeing and participation. The Espoo Learning City Fair on Friday 23rd of September showcases how you can learn in Espoo.
  • Renovation of the Northern adult social work office will start on Thursday, 15 September. Due to the renovation, the office’s service counselling will be closed 15 September–31 December 2016. The changes will only apply to clients of Northern adult social work.


  • Viiru and Pesonen are living happily in Pesonen’s little cottage and finding all kinds of fun things to do. The adventure starts when they decide to go to the beach and skip stones.
  • The national film education project IhmeFilmi is directed at young people in upper comprehensive school and upper secondary school.
  • Espoo Music Institute's pupils perform at the Espoo Cultural Centre. The audience gets to enjoy chamber music and solo performances.
  • The 69 Eyes
    2016-09-28 19:00
    The 11th studio album of The 69 Eyes, ‘Universal Monsters’, was released in April. Produced by Johnny Lee Michaels, the album has already received rave reviews.