Business owners find Espoo an enterprise-friendly city, and say that affairs in Espoo are well managed overall. Issues highlighted were that the city could be more involved, being more proactive with regard to companies and keeping in contact with them. Entrepreneurs would like to have opportunities for networking and to receive more information about the city’s services for businesses. In addition, companies would like to see more collaboration concerning the city’s development.
The Gulf of Finland exhibition for the whole family lets you familiarise yourself with the sea in various ways. The exhibition lets you hear the sounds of the Gulf of Finland, find about the effects of your own choices and even go fishing! It also presents research information about the state of the Gulf of Finland. Tiiu Anttinen's watercolours show fish and other organisms living under the sea.




  • Thought-provoking ikebana arrangements – large and small – on walls, floors and tables – using natural or inorganic materials – reflecting today!

    Espoo Cultural Centre, Gallery
  • City Dancing
    2014-09-02 19:00
    This summer, we are celebrating the 15th anniversary of City Dancing! Enjoy the joy of dancing under the guidance of Hilkka Toivonen-Alastalo and other dance instructors. No particular skills, dance partner or registration required.

    Espoo Cultural Centre, Amphi (outdoor stage)