Once again, Espoo Ciné will treat its audience to an extensive and diverse selection of new European films. The festival venues, Espoo Cultural Centre and Kino Tapiola, will offer unique cinematic experiences. The majority of the more than one hundred films shown at Espoo Ciné will not be seen on the silver screen elsewhere in Finland.
Business owners find Espoo an enterprise-friendly city, and say that affairs in Espoo are well managed overall. Issues highlighted were that the city could be more involved, being more proactive with regard to companies and keeping in contact with them. Entrepreneurs would like to have opportunities for networking and to receive more information about the city’s services for businesses. In addition, companies would like to see more collaboration concerning the city’s development.


  • On the Glims Farmstead Museum area a petting zoo, that is held open by the 4H-organization, is open during the summer of 2014. Two goats, two sheep and three lambs can be seen at the petting zoo.
  • Mr Yu Qingtai, the Chinese Ambassador to Finland, will visit Espoo on 22 August 2014. The visit will involve a tour of organisations at the Espoo Innovation Garden in the Otaniemi-Keilaniemi area.


  • Nopsajalka
    2014-08-29 20:00
    Nopsajalka is known as one of the pioneers of Finnish reggae and rhythm music. In addition to his solo career, Nopsajalka has made his mark with groups like Elokuu, Soul Captain Band and Kapteeni Ä-ni. The updated Nopsajalka sound intertwines reggae with stronger influences from R&B, pop, soul and blues.
  • Espoo Day at Sello Hall
    2014-08-30 14:00
    On the last of August, Espoo Day is celebrated colourfully around the city. The programme at Sello Hall starts at 2 pm with a public lecture on the development of and future plans for the Leppävaara district. Dancing starts at 4 pm in the Sello Hall foyer with live music and the traditional Espoo Day Ball. See a more detailed programme on the Sello Hall website in August.